ProbateData Features

Qualified Probate Real Estate Leads

With ProbateData you will gain access to qualified, scrubbed probate real estate leads.

  • Filter your searches by state, county and filing dates
  • Further refine your searches with up to 27 additional filters
  • Search and ProbateData will provide you with qualified leads including contact information and market status
Access Motivated Sellers

Connect with motivated sellers that control real estate with plenty of equity

With ProbateData you have access to motivated sellers and plenty of equity which means an ongoing flow of listing and buying opportunities. Probate real estate leads have proven reliable and consistent for over 237 years, since probate began in 1784.

ProbateData makes it easy for you to plug into a market that will continue to grow over the coming years.

Easy Access

Delivered to your inbox and online

Imagine getting the perfect probate real estate opportunities delivered directly to your inbox on a regular basis. Within a few clicks you will be prospecting sellers you know are looking to sell sooner rather than later.

Want more control? No problem! By accessing our carefully curated database we’ve built over the last 10 years you can set up searches, alerts and filters to match your exact needs.

We Take Care of the Data

Powerful Lead Scrubbing done for you

In addition to pulling court house records for you and showing you who’s in charge, only ProbateData pulls live property records and contact information details such as email addresses and phone numbers, noting which are on the DNC (do-not-call) list.

Our in house algorithm - ProbateData Index (PDI) - instantly rates the likelihood of someone selling. We analyze live market updates and match this with existing property records and contact information of the decision maker(s).

Only ProbateData gives you insight to hidden markets within probate such as probate cases with multiple properties, expired probate listings and hyper motivated sellers aka golden leads.

Eliminate cases with little chance of selling

Save time and money on marketing

While most probate real estate leads are excellent opportunities, some cases simply don’t contain any real estate in them or there is no need to sell real estate.

Using our automated filtering and rating system - ProbateData Index (PDI) - you will quickly eliminate cases that have no, or little, chance of selling any real estate, thus saving you endless time making prospecting calls and sending out costly marketing collateral.

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